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miércoles, 31 de diciembre de 2014

Zephyr 2D Progress

This is the current progress of the 2D version of Zephyr, currently being implemented in Unity3d.

  • Implemented
    • Movement: 
      • PC: Use keyboard
      • Android TV: Use gamepad
      • Mobile platforms: Use touch
    • Gameplay:
      • Movement
      • Reach objective
      • Play Animation when objective reached, if required
    • HUD:
      • Shows current objective description
      • Debug Information(Development Debugging purposes only)
  • Pending:
    • Gameplay:
      • Battle Mechanics
      • Skills and Spells System
      • Autosave
      • Pick Items
    • HUD:
      • Fonts and Materials
    • Characters:
      • Concept Design for the other characters in the story

Here are some screenshots of the current state with placeholders

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