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domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

What is a #modernbiz?

Do you know what is a Modern Business?

A modern business is that which uses the latest in technology on their benefit, in order to maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

A modern business is that which uses the benefits of technology to give the best to their collaborators, creating employee engagement and satisfaction.

A modern business leverages the power of technology in order to do business everywhere, to stay productive outside the office, even without a connection to the Internet.

A modern business allows collaborators to work from home, the bus, another city, and even from another country, while still having the business data secure.

A modern business allows teams to collaborate efficiently in real time, from many different devices and locations.

A modern business helps you maintain your data secure and backed-up, and it protects you from the downsides of events such as data breaches and downtimes.

A modern business is able to adapt more quickly to changes in business needs.
A modern business also has reduced costs due to their decision to leverage the benefits of cloud.

But a modern business is more than technology, modern business also focus on collaborators, those usually called employees.

A modern business give their collaborators the same (or more) level of importance they give to their customers, they know their employees beyond just their names and roles in the company, in a modern business you really get to know your employees, their interests, what motivates them, modern businesses give a voice to their collaborators so that they can express themselves, participate in business decisions, and feel very useful and valuable.

Modern Business are design to encourage collaboration, thinking not only on productivity but also on their collaborators to make friends inside the office. They are designed to stay productive while at the same time improving quality of life for their collaborators, which in turn keeps them happy, engaged and reduces staff turnover.

Behind are the days where you would design the physical space in teams or projects which caused that many of the collaborators on the organization would barely know each other.

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