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martes, 6 de diciembre de 2016

Recommended Assets for Unity

If you are starting in Game Development or if you just want to speed up your development you will probably want to use resources from the Asset Store, in this post we will recommend you some of those we like the most.

Urban Construction Pack by Quantum Theory

This package gives you a lot of value, it allows you to quickly and easily create cities, from roads to modular buildings, allowing you to heavily customize your designs, it also has an integrated traffic light system.

100+ Magic Particle Effects by UETools

This package allows you to create cool particle based elements such as magic

2D Animated Fantasy Knight, Dragon and Princess Pack by Murlyka

This is a must package if you like Knights and Dragons, or if you want to create an interesting game such as Dragon Adventures (Videos are in spanish)

2D Platformer Art Pack by One Point Six Studio

This package can be used to create 2D platformers. Dragon Adventures (Videos are in spanish)

Substance Database 2.0 by Allegorithmic

If you want to have scenes looking awesome this is a must have, Substance Database gives you over 1000 substances including 650 Physical Based Rendering materials.

Low Poly City Pack by Dynamic Art

Another must have, this package allows you to quickly create amazing cities at a fairly low price.

Christmas Megapack / Low Poly by BRAiNBOX

This package will allows you to create a great X-mas based project.

If you have or know any assets you'd like to include in this list let us by writing an email to

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