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jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2020

Introduction to PTI.Microservices.Library

Today we want to introduce you to "PTI.Microservices.Library", a NuGet package designed to aid developers create systems faster by integrating several cloud services, abstracting some of the repetitive logic, adding exception handling, an logging, while also allowing developers to have control of the configuration.

Why "PTI.Microservices.Library" was created?

At PTI Costa Rica, we do lots of Research And Development, we develop many POC (Proof of Concept) code, and many times those tasks tend to be repetitive, writing the same code.

We also like to use Strong Types and take advantage of methods such as PostAsJson, ReadFromJson, etc.

So we decided to take all that we have in our POCs, along with some of the custom code we have in our applications and convert it to a NuGet package, and share it so our customers can use it.

The package was recently released as preview, and the official documentation will be here:

Currently the package is in preview so it is free, however, the product will be accesible through a monthly subscription once it is out of preview, which should happen by the end of year 2020.

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