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martes, 20 de abril de 2021

Optimize your new Developers Onboarding process with Microsoft Azure

A common scenario in Software Development Onboarding process, is that the developers need to configured their environment, usually from scratch.

Depending on the system's complexity and network connection speeds, these setups can take more than a day, even a whole week in exceptional cases, meaning the new resources will not be productive immediately.

In today's world, immediate productivity is a must, therefore, as company owners, 
we must do what is within our reach to make new resources be productive as soon as possible,
here is where Microsoft Azure comes to play.

Microsoft Azure has a vast quantity of services for all of your needs, one of those is
Shared Image Galleries.

With Shared Images Galleries, you can pre-configure Development Environments Virtual Machines and every time you hire a new Software Developer, you just create a new VM based on those already
pre-configured VM Image Definitions.

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