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domingo, 12 de mayo de 2019

Amazing Assets for you #Unity3d Projects

Suburb Neighborhood House Pack (Modular)

This package created by Finward Studios allows you to create beautiful residential neighborhoods.
Take the advantage of the fact that is designed thinking on modulairty,
allowing you to create many different houses with little efforts.

Buy this package today and you will have your neighbor done in no time.

Digger - Caves & Overhangs

For a long time it has been very difficult to create caves in Unity3d, it's default terrain system was not designed for it, so one of the common approaches was to create 3d modles which would include the caves, holes, and similar structures to be placed into the scene.
This package by Amandine Entertainment, allows you to create caves in your scene very easily.
Buy it today, before it's too late (it's currently at a disccount)

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