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jueves, 16 de julio de 2015

What is PTI Costa Rica all about?

PTI stands for the spanish translation of
Professionals in Information Technology(in spanish Profesionales en Tecnologías en Información)

It was created from a desire to work in videogame development and at the same time give back to the world by using and mixing the experience and knowledge I have gathered throughtout my life,
which includes skills such as programming, software architecture, pscyhology, social responsibility, and more.

I believe that videogames have the best potential to reach more people and to really engage them, and I know that in order to really fix any problem you need to solve it from its roots, otherwise the same problems will eventually appear again.

Many of the problems which exist in today's society have not been solved because there is still more to change from its sources.

Addictions for example, are often the symptom of other problems such as family conflicts, traumatic events, mental illness, rejection, among others.

Generally, society members don't know the root causes of someones problems, which eventually turns in the well known discrimination towards people in need of help.

Also, even with the programs that exists today which try to help people in need, these will not be enough as long as the behavior from society members towards this people don't change.
This behavior is actually one of the reasons for relapse.

And it is not that society members are bad, but that we have been educated in a way where we discriminate, where we fear what we don't know and where we don't go deep in the causes behind the problems. Even in our jobs, specially in IT related fields we are usually told "patch it", we'll deal with the root cause later, which generally does not happen.

I firmly believe that videogames work better where other programs have failed, because as mentioned before they can reach bigger audiences, because with games we can also simulate real life situations, and create challenging and engaging gameplay evoking desired emotions that cause the learned topics last for long and not be forgotten easily.

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