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miércoles, 8 de julio de 2015

What is Zephyr 2D

Zephyr2D is a 2D RPG isometric videogame currently in development.
Initially conceptualized by Eduardo Fonseca from @pticostarica.

The game is about a nuclear accident caused by humans negligence.
This accident results in unexpected mutations in living beings on the planet, while humans are turned back in what you would call "cave men", the rest of animals in the planet are mutated in a different way: their natural abilities are strengthen, they receive the abilities of reasoning and talking.
3000 years after the accident humans have already evolved without memory of what really happened, but animals are the planet's dominant species, and have taken revenge against humans.
There is only one city left where humans reside, named "Chaos Land" where a young female lives,
her name: Zephyr.
Zephyr feels something is not right and that humans are more than what they think, she has spent all her live trying to figure out what is not right, without any luck, but her time has come, and her path will take her to an adventure with powerful enemies, and unlock the truth from the past.

Zephyr 2D - Player Exp Gain and Level Up (Draft)

Zephyr Fighting Apollo

Zephyr 2D is still in an early stage, where some of the main gameplay mechanics are programmed, and the art is in the works and soon to be updated in the live concept demo playable at our website

You can follow Zephyr 2D and the company on their respective pages:
Zephyr 2D Facebook
Eduardo Fonseca Twitter
Company Facebook
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