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viernes, 19 de marzo de 2021

Why you must move to Blazor

If your business develops applications on .NET, you probably have already heard of Blazor.

Blazor is a framework for building interactive client-side Web UIs with .NET, 
a dream come true, not only for .NET Developers, but also for companies who want to optimize their development speed, while maintaining high quality standards, avoid code duplication, and reuse existent code in both server-side and client-side.

Blazor allows you to create rich interactive UIs using C#, reducing and even eliminating
your need to create Javascript code.

Blazor allows you to share your logic written in .NET between server and client-side, e.g. a custom regex validation that needs to be performed in front-end and in back-end, well, with Blazor, you can reuse the actual validation classes between client-side and server-side, effectively implementing the validation only once.

Blazor allows you to utilize a lot of already existent .NET libraries, on your client-side!

Another great feature of Blazor, is that Blazor apps are based on components, which in Blazor are elements of UI such as a page, dialog or data entry, and since they are implemented as components, they can be reused throughout your application, and even be shared with other applications when you create them as a Component Library.

One of the best features of Blazor, is that, due to is design, it allows you to create fully-featured, nice-looking, rich Web Applications. in no time, even as low as a day, since it removes the need of using other frameworks like in the traditional SPA ( Single Page Application ) approach depending on Angular, React, or similar.

Blazor is in fact, the perfect framework for creating MVPs ( Minimum Viable Products ) and go to market quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Since Blazor runs fully on .NET, you can even create .NET based automated test for your front-end!

Tell us, when are you moving to Blazor?

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