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miércoles, 11 de marzo de 2015

Detective Kids videogame idea revealed

Detective Kids is a videogame currently in development, it has the objective to enhance kids deductive skills.

The game is about a kid who decides to explore beyond so decides to go out of the nerighborhood, as time passes our kid realizes is already nighttime and that is los, without any idea of the way home, nor any persons nearby that could be asked for help.

Our kid's mission is to find the way home, but there are challenges in the way.
The kid will get hungry and need to find food
The kid will get sad and need to find ways to recover an emotional balance
The kid will get tired and needs to find safe places to rest.
The kid will need to follow the clues in the way that will unblock others, eventually revealing the way home.
The kid will be affected by nature events such as rain, and snow, and needs to find ways to protect from these.

The mechanics will cause kids to use their max potential, enhancing their abilities.

The game is currently in the works, implementing some concepts of the core functionality.

Here is a video showing a concept for camera view, city layout, and attributes gauges

Stay tuned to this blog to know more of the progress.

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