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viernes, 7 de agosto de 2015

Pymetrics: the next generation career search platform

While doing some research on serious games, I found Pymetrics, defined as "the next generation career search platform", it is a website with a set of games which analyze your psychological profile(cognitive and personality traits) in order to help you identify your optimal career path, using neuroscience techniques.

The set of games it has are simple to play, though some do present some challenge, every single game has a specific skill or trait that is analyzing, it even analizes your level of altruism.
Every time you finish playing a game it will let you know about the objective of that game and your results, some of which you will be able to share on social media.

I got to confess that at the beginning I was getting bored, because the games are not what I would consider fun(they have a different objective, that's fine), but I wanted to see my results.

There were around 3 games which I did consider were not enough to measure what those said were measuring (in my opinion those 3 games were too fast in order to measure what they were claiming).

Once I finished playing all of the games, I was able to see my Trait Report, splitted in 3 categories:Cognitive, Emotional and Social each with more detailed subcateogies showing my measure level in a scale from 1% to 100%.

The Cognitive section shows levels for Attention, Distraction, Flexibility, Memory, Pattern Recognition, Planning and Processing.
The Emotional section shows levels for Delayed Gratification, Effort and Emotion.
The Social section shows levels for Altruism, Comfort with Ambiguity, Creativity, Fairness, Learning, Risk and Trust.

I am well aware of my skills, strenghts and weaknesses, and I can tell that even if I think not all of the results were accurate, most showed what I was expecting, so it has very decent results and will probably become more accurate over time.

But that's not all, once you have your results, you are able see a list of companies you are a good fit to work for.

The Career Report also shows you the top 3 careers based on your results, in my personal situation it was Sales and Trading, Entrepreneur and Project Management.

I can recommend people to give it a try.

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