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sábado, 29 de mayo de 2021

How To Create The Next Youtube or Twitch using Blazor, .NET 5, and Microsoft Azure - Part I


There are countless types of solutions you can create when developing software.
Today, we will see a small introduction on how to create your very own Video Sharing Portal,
with Blazor, .NET 5, and Microsoft Azure.

The Architecture

Before starting to code any project, it is vital to have an understanding of the architectural components required by the system and how all of the pieces will interact.

The diagram displayed here is just one of the many ways in which you can implement Video Sharing Portals, there is no right or wrong architecture, since it ultimately depends on your own specific needs and business strategy, however, there are best practices, you can learn of those in the Azure Architecture Center, take a special look to the Reference Architectures section.

Our diagrams are the proposed solution for the Open Source Project FairPlayTube, which has the following items:
  • Users
  • Azure Web CDN
    • Used to speed up load times.
  • Blazor WebAssembly Client App
  • .NET 5 Server API
  • Azure Blob Storage
    • Used to store users uploaded videos
  • Azure SQL Database
    • Use to store users and videos-related data, while enforcing Data Integrity.
  • Power BI
    • Used to visualize Error Logs from Desktop and Mobile App
  • Azure AD B2C
    • Used to allow secure and centralized users authentication
  • .NET 5 Background Jobs
    • Used to monitor the videos indexing progress and update data accordingly.
  • Azure SignalR
    • Used to notify users when their videos have been indexed, as well as when they have received new messages from other users.
  • Azure Speech
    • Used as an accessibility helper, to allow users to hear an audio representation of the content in the page.
  • Azure Video Analyzer (formerly Azure Video Indexer)
    • Used to analyze videos and generator insights
  • Azure Personalizer
    • Used to show the best content for the users
  • Azure Translator
    • Used to automatically translate the text-data to multiple languages
  • Azure Cognitive Search
    • Used to allow for high quality fast search of videos

You can find the repo here: FairPlayTube Repository
There you can check the Readme and the Wiki.

Here you can see a small sample of the development progress

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