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domingo, 13 de junio de 2021

How To Prepare for MAUI Blazor in Microsoft .NET 6

Prepare For MAUI Blazor in the next evolution of Xamarin Forms & .NET Core: .NET 6 MAUI

MAUI is the evolution of Xamarin Forms, and it a now allows you to combine it with Blazor to make great cross platform systems in no time, allowing you to reutilize your components as much as possible, and have consistent layouts across the different platform specific builds for your system.

MAUI Blazor is great, though, you need to have some special considerations, one of those being that not all of your Blazor WebAssembly logic will be able to be reutilized so simply.

Those issue however, have solutions.

You need to take advantage of Blazor component-based design, and make sure that most of the pieces you want to reutilize in your MAUI Blazor app, are designed as independent components, it is also better if those components only receive the data.

In situations where you need to use Azure Ad B2C, you to do so, in the same way you would do outside of the Blazor Webview, and instead do so in the same way you would do it for Xamarin.Forms applications, after all, remember that MAUI is the next evolution of Xamarin, and MAUI Blazor is Blazor on top of MAUI.

Check the following videos to learn what you need to be prepare for MAUI Blazor.

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